There are several wonderful benefits to a remote first workplace, however one of the challenges that present themselves, is creating connection.

The workplace can be a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, make friends, discover collaborations for projects and many, many more social benefits. But how do we do this, if we never see each other in person?

1. Incorporating Digital Business Social Tools.

Business social tools such as RehvUp, provide a great way for colleagues to get to know each other, share ideas, and build relationships. Rehvup also features Employee Experience Coaches that post videos, activities and discussion topics, that provides a wonderful way to break the ice and get to know your team even if they are miles away.

2. Offering your help

Don’t be afraid to send an email, or direct message to a colleague offering assistance if they are working on something you are very knowledgeable about. They may very much welcome your help and this may be an avenue for future collaborations.

3. Virtual lunch and coffee chats

Coffee chats have become increasingly popular, where colleagues and team mates set time to have a coffee together, have a chat and take a break from work. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge, experiences, and get to know your workmates better.

4. Planning in person team events

Even if a job is fully remote, incorporating in person team events are a great way to establish connection between colleagues. There are several ways to incorporate in person events that everyone can look forward to, including team dinners, award ceremonies recognizing great work, team building retreats and even park lunches depending on company budgets. Providing regular in person events where possible, is a great way to cement connections created online.

And lastly, showing appreciation! No matter what your title, showing genuine appreciation to a colleague goes a long way. Let them know that their hard work matters, and share any positive impact they may have.

Go ahead and give these a try, customize them to your own work culture, and take a step toward building a beautiful strong community in your workplace.