Unlock The True Potential of Your Workforce

The employee voice they’ve been asking for, finally delivered.  See how RehvUp can help you unlock the true potential of your workforce today.

  • Greater employee morale.
  • Improved social connectivity across all levels of your organization.
  • A culture of collaboration, curiosity, and innovation.

The heart of the RehvUp employee experience app is our team of hand-picked, world-class Employee Experience Coaches, known as our EX Coaches. With expertise in a variety of disciplines such as health and wellness, motivation, psychology, innovation and human resources, our team uses short, inspirational video content, challenges, and contests to motivate and inspire your workforce.

A simple, enticing call to action at the end of each video post creates employee engagement and a positive sharing of ideas. This user-generated content transforms your workplace, bringing it to life and creating a more inclusive environment that allows your employees to be heard, recognized, and personified, nurturing more meaningful connections between colleagues and managers.

Developed from a “WorkerUp” perspective, the platform delivers on its promise of greater employee engagement by focusing on the most important and unique aspect of your business – Employee Voice.

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Unlocking Your People’s Potential

Establish A Reputation

Aspire to greater things

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A Meaningful Voice

We know that people have an innate need for self-expression

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Communities of Interest

Celebrate your people’s love and passions!

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Ideas and Innovations

Ideas & Innovations are the lifeblood for Competitive Differentiation and Long-Term Sustainability.

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Provide your Managers the Means to build a Trust based Culture

Stem your turnover by reinforcing the bonds between your supervisors and employees.

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Make Your Work Fun and Meaningful. Happiness At Work

Let’s face it, when we’re happy, we’re at our best!

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