Employee Experience Coaches (EX Coaches) Make Your Workplace Come Alive

Meet Our EX Coaches

Employee Experience Coaches

Dr. Hailee Ingleton

Dr. Hailee Ingleton works with RehvUp’s team of coaches and experts to create content that is informing, inspiring, motivational, and relevant to employees and their work environment, in any context. Hailee is a creator, educator, coach, writer, and presenter. Hailee has a passion for helping people discover themselves, their gifts…

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Patricia Dada

Patricia Dada (she/her) is RehvUp’s in-house diversity, inclusion, and belonging expert (DIB) and coach. Patricia brings vast experience working with nationally recognized DIB consulting firms and organizations to build stronger teams and healthier work environments. Armed with a MA in Social Justice and Community Engagement…

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Diandra Lee

Diandra is one of our employee experience coaches here at RehvUp. She is most passionate about mental health, fitness, relationships, and overall wellbeing.

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Chris Messenger

Chris Messenger has been in the industry of personal transformation for more than 20 years, helping people across the globe achieve their goals through his philosophy and strategies. Chris brings an extensive background in human psychology, health and human performance with training and developing thousands of people on how to drastically improve their results…

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Trisha Miltimore

Trisha Miltimore is an international speaker specializing in empowering teams, leaders and humans to engineer their own deeply satisfying life experiences. For the last 21 years, Trisha has gained, woven and curated a vast array of experience in business, leadership, communications and habits for sustained success. These experiences, combined with…

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Tricia-Kaye Williams

Tricia-Kaye Williams is an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in mental health. Tricia-Kaye is often invited to speak on panels regarding DEI work and consults for higher education and faith-based organizations. She is skilled in treating trauma, anxiety, transitional/career and relational issues. She is also an active community and…

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Mike Ashie

Mike Ashie has been a leader for two decades, empowering countless people to reach their leadership goals. From speaking on The Dr. Phil Show and being quoted in Success and Forbes magazines to showcasing his passion on YouTube with more than 30k subscribers and over 1.5 million views, there’s no denying Mike is passionate about helping others ascend the ladder of success.

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Kaylyn Bacchiocchi

Kaylyn Bacchiocchi is passionate about using her knowledge, experience and expertise to create engaging and inspiring content for the human experience at work. Kaylyn graduated with her Masters in Biochemistry from McMaster University in 2021, with a thesis in Cancer Immunotherapy research. Kaylyn has professional experience in vaccine development, bookkeeping…

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Natalia Lavaggi

Natalia Lavaggi is a passionate health and mindset coach, mother, and wife. After facing several health challenges in her young adult life, Natalia discovered the power of holistic living to recover from conditions she was told were incurable. She persevered and through sheer faith, discipline, and determination was able to gain her quality of life back. With over 20 years of experience…

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Schnell Jordan

With over a decade of dedicated experience in Human Resources and people management, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. One of my key strengths lies in my ability to facilitate effective communication within organizations, fostering collaboration and enhancing productivity. I am passionate about creating supportive and inclusive workplace environments..

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Ramone Thompson

Ramone Thompson is an upbeat individual who seamlessly blends his passion for health. and fitness along with self-development and improvement with the art of storytelling, acting, and animation, delivering both entertainment and educational valuable cinematic content. Currently studying Kinesiology while working in sales, his academic pursuits…

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Aria Empakeris

Aria Empakeris is a professional video producer, photographer, and audio engineer. After graduating with a degree in English Literature from the University of British Columbia, Aria used her self-taught expertise in film and podcast production to encourage her audiences to pursue any career they desire, whatever their educational background may be…

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Esther Fayemi

Esther Fayemi is a dedicated mental health advocate, bringing over five years of expertise to the field. Specializing in trauma-informed training and cultural sensitivity, she is deeply committed to fostering mental well-being and promoting a healthy work-life balance. Leveraging her background in Psychology, she has…

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Melissa Morrison

Melissa Morrison is a seasoned professional with expertise in crafting educational content that inspires positive change. She studied youth psychology at the University of Victoria and has spent her career facilitating workshops in social services as well as holistic and artistic settings. Melissa loves to create engaging learning experiences about wellness…

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Our Strategic Team

John Cardella
Co-founder & CEO

John started RehvUp with a vision to develop a human engagement software platform that would transform companies into highly engaged and happy workplaces. His idea was to retain Employee Experience Experts to become coaches who could provide inspirational programming and relatable curated content that would transform…

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Shami Sheikh
Co-founder & President

Shami founded RehvUp because he was deeply concerned with what appeared to be a race to the bottom for mental health support. When employees are suffering mentally, this impacts all facets of their life – including the hours they spend at work. RehvUp addresses this issue by stimulating curiosity, giving individuals a voice and creating…

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Dr. Hailee Ingleton
Director, Employee Experience Program

Dr. Hailee Ingleton works with RehvUp’s team of coaches and experts to create content that is informing, inspiring, motivational, and relevant to employees and their work environment, in any context. Hailee is a creator, educator, coach, writer, and presenter. Hailee has a passion for helping people…

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Abdallah Haji
Technology Director

Yaswanth Kooraku
Senior iOS Developer

Kunwardeep Singh
Senior Product Manager