The results are in! Gallup’s 2024 State of the Global Workplace report reveals a familiar story: stagnant employee engagement. Only 23% of employees are engaged, while 62% are not engaged, and a worrying 15% are actively disengaged. This lack of engagement is costing companies a significant amount of money.

Why is Progress So Slow?
In my view, persistent low levels of engagement suggest a fundamental misunderstanding: many believe that employee engagement is solely an HR issue. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Employee engagement is everyone’s responsibility, especially managers and leaders.

Leadership’s Critical Role
Gallup’s findings highlight the vital role managers and leaders play in fostering engagement. Employees cannot be more engaged than their leaders. The leadership team’s actions have a cascading effect on the entire organization’s engagement levels.

How to Make a Real Change
If you’re serious about improving employee engagement and becoming an employer of choice, look no further than RehvUp Technologies. Our platform is designed to empower managers and leaders to support and champion their teams continuously.
Imagine the positive impact when managers publicly acknowledge a job well done. Such simple acts build goodwill and trust, leading to higher quality work, greater job satisfaction, and, most importantly, a stronger sense of trust. RehvUp enhances these behaviors through AI-assisted, gamified challenges that make engagement fun and rewarding.

Don’t Wait Another Year

Don’t let another year pass without a comprehensive employee engagement strategy and a platform that delivers results. RehvUp can help you achieve higher levels of employee wellbeing, satisfaction, profitability, and sales.

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