You wake up late. Clothes don’t seem to fit right. You ran out of coffee. Traffic is extra-congested and you are hitting every red light!

Plus, work is piling up and you’re struggling to finish tasks on time.

Instead of spiralling into a space of anger, frustration and stress, our EX Coach Chris Messenger suggests a change of perspective by asking ourselves “what else could this mean?”

Did you know your mind is like a muscle, and the more you practice positive and healthy responses, the easier it becomes?

We have the incredible, underrated ability to control our thoughts and our responses which, in turn, can help us to live a more peaceful, stress-free life at home and at work.

“Maybe I’m late because I’m avoiding an accident.”

“Maybe running out of coffee gives me an opportunity to become less dependent on it.”

“Maybe this struggle with tasks is an opportunity to collaborate with a colleague.”

“Maybe, just maybe, this thing that seems so bad can actually be an opportunity for something great!”

So the next time you feel like screaming because your co-workers drank all the coffee, take a deep breath like Chris and ask yourself:

What else could this mean?