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March 3, 2022




RehvUp Technologies Inc. (RehvUp), an emerging leader in Employee Experience technology, today announced the appointment of Dr. Hailee Ingleton to Director, Employee Experience Program.  Ingleton will continue to build the company’s coaching network and increase the value that customers gain from the RehvUp platform.​

In her role, Ingleton will lead the Coaching program operations, focused on growth as the company continues to expand.

With both a Master’s and Doctorate in Psychology, specializing in Expressive Media, Group Interaction and Creativity, Ingleton brings critical skillsets in creative content creation & delivery.

Dr. Ingleton has experience teaching Creativity and Creative Problem-Solving at Sheridan College.

“Hailee will be able to energize, delight and create an atmosphere to facilitate a happier work environment for employees in a variety of contexts”, says John Cardella, CEO and Co-Founder, RehvUp.  “Hailee’s deep knowledge in psychology will be instrumental in taking our design thinking architecture and continue to use a “Worker Up” framework to help companies have the happiest, most engaged workers.”

Ingleton will report to John Cardella, Co-founder & CEO.

RehvUp Technologies Inc. is an Employee Experience Platform (EXP).  We have carefully architected a short format, continuous response model that contributes to an environment to help every employee work happier.  We provide insights based on user interest and aligned to corporate goals.  Our delivery is purely digital.  RehvUp has solutions for organizations of all sizes.

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