RehvUp Technologies to launch new North America Employee Experience Platform to address worker unrest and resignations

John Cardella, international HR executive named as Co-Founder & CEO.  Shamial Sheikh, visionary leader in the mental health tech space named as Co-Founder & President.


Kitchener- Waterloo, Ontario, December 9, 2021 – Today, RehvUp Technologies Inc. (RehvUp) announced its arrival as Canada’s newest Waterloo based technology company. RehvUp is purposefully built to address corporate mandates dealing with chronic worker engagement issues.


Unlike existing applications RehvUp’s solutions have been designed from a “Worker Up” perspective – not top down, such that employees can easily relate to matters they care about and enjoy fresh perspectives customized to their liking. Additionally, RehvUp will utilize world class Employee Experience coaches to deliver meaningful business/social content directly to workers’ smartphones to uplift the quality of work life throughout their organization.


John Cardella has been named Co-Founder & CEO of RehvUp. John brings a wealth of Human Resources experience to the role.  He has served as Chief People Officer for Ceridian along with having led his own consultancy firm and authored the book “The Rise of Strategic People Leaderhip”.


Shamial Sheikh has been named Co-Founder & President of the company.  Shami has long been a champion of mental health in the North American Employee Assistance Services space (EAP) and a pivotal growth driver in the expansion and sale of the Lifeworks organization.


“Our goal from the very beginning has been to address worker unhappiness at the root cause by providing people with fresh stimuli that inspires and motivates them to be their very best.     Everyone in a workplace wants to belong, be happy and be successful. That is what we aim to deliver” says Shami Sheikh.


John Cardella believes the need for worker happiness could not be any greater now and it’s not solely as a result of the pandemic.  “Reality is we’ve had historic low employee engagement prior to the pandemic and we’re not going to see a great turnaround once the pandemic lets up.  RehvUp will provide companies with the means to dramatically reconnect workers with one-another and as importantly re-establish the trust between workers and supervisors – we will help show the way towards greater happiness and fulfillment at work”


RehvUp is planning to launch early in 2022.  More information can be found at


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RehvUp is a privately owned Canadian SaaS technology company based in Waterloo, Ontario, and has the financial backing and industry expertise to transform the North American employee experience landscape.




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