At one point or another, and especially in the last few years, we have all felt a lack of motivation not only at work but in our personal lives as well. When a team or workforce is lacking motivation, it not only affects the workers but also, the time and quality of work that is being produced. Although there is no secret formula to having 100% employee motivation in the workforce and it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be on their A-game 100% of the time, there are steps employers can take to help alleviate burnout and motivate their employees.

Offer flexibility

Offering increased flexibility can dramatically decrease the chance of burnout among your employees by allowing them to have a sense of control and independence. Offer flexibility to your workers where you can, whether this is flexible break times or start and finish times. Even adding the ability to work from home a few more days a month can help.


This can often be one of the most overlooked aspects in a workplace. As human beings, we thrive on positive reinforcement. Taking the time to acknowledge your employee’s good work and encouraging them to keep pushing towards goals can help keep them motivated and overall, improve the quality of work that is done.


Setting clear goals for the business and employees is essential in motivating workers. When employees are not clear on their job priorities, it can lead to wasted time and a lack of motivation in the workplace. Find ways to bring goals visually into the workspace, that way, everyone has a clear vision of tasks and what goals they are to achieve.

Opportunities for growth

Allow opportunities for growth and self-development for your employees. Give them the chance to acquire new skills through training and courses. This can motivate workers to push their development both personally and financially. Allowing employees to strengthen their skills can overall help the quality of work that is done and affect your workforce positively.


In addition to the items highlighted above, it’s crucial during this time that business leaders show empathy to their workers. The last 2 years have put a lot of people in a different headspace and changed the overall workforce dynamic. At RehvUp, we understand that employee experience is heavily tied to the leaders and manager attributes discussed in this blog and can ultimately help employees ‘work happier.’


   Written by Jacqueline Lavergne, Digital Marketing Manager at RehvUp Technologies Inc