We are Waterloo – based RehvUp and we are looking to solve the age-old chronic problem of low engagement and bettering the employee experience.  The problems worrying so many organizations are only exacerbated in a post Covid-19 workplace – great employees quitting (also known as the Great Resignation),challenging productivity, loss of connection and innovation and a feeling of loneliness – where did the worker voice and energy go?

In our initial post, we would like to introduce ourselves and describe a little bit about why we started RehvUp and how we are looking to improve happiness in workplaces everywhere!

John Cardella and I are co-founders of RehvUp.  We have spent our careers in contributing to the betterment of organizations around the world – both from an employee experience and employee health perspective.

RehvUp has been in development for this past year and we are announcing our plans for launch in early 2022.  

John, CEO and Chairman of RehvUp says that RehvUp was founded on the basis of a worker centric model – a “WorkerUp” approach.  All things to be seen and appreciated by starting with the employee – and along the way improving relationships with supervisors.

Further to that John and I would say “We are tackling the age old problem of engagement and experience and we are flipping it on it’s head.  The reason that billions of dollars have been spent over decades and no significant improvement is that the marketplace continues to use the same approach and achieves the same poor results.  The problems have worsened over the past two years and worker happiness and belonging have never been more important.”

RehvUp is a mobile first platform that enables employees with similar interests to select communities and share with like minded individuals.  They are able share comments, pictures and videos in a secure business application.

The idea is that people throughout the organisation, regardless of where they are or their position, – we want them to share their expertise and ideas — their voice! Alongside of the communities will be world class employee experience Coaches – these are individuals with varied areas of expertise will programmatically seed content and motivate and inspire employees to get involved and share their ideas. And Voila! Worker voices rise to the forefront.

Underpinning the entire framework is AI that analyzes happiness and continues to deliver content to improve the entire experience… but we will discuss that in a later post!

In real time, RehvUp will analyze all interaction with all of the communities and employees and be able to determine engagement scores and rates – a new approach! We help create a new, better standard with the tenets of happiness, trust and belonging at its core.

We are looking forward to sharing our journey with you and we will keep you up to date with milestone events and changes.

Shami Sheikh                                                                                     John Cardella

Co-Founder & President                                                                Co-Founder & CEO


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