Over the past 2 years, we have heard the term ‘the great resignation’ float around. Workers and companies from all sectors have felt the effects and have struggled to either retain employees or spent vast amounts of time and money trying to hire for their lost talent.

As things are now starting to go back to normal, many companies are changing their stance on typical workplace practices and are becoming more open and flexible on the development and retention of their current workers. With companies now looking to make such changes, we’ve compiled a list of 5 workplace trends to watch for in 2022.

  1. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Companies are looking to take more active steps in addressing gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion.  These need not only be financial measures to address wage gaps but also actions to change mindsets, behaviours and practices that promote a more inclusive and respectful workforce.

  1. Mental Wellness

It’s extremely common for workplaces to have a general benefits package in place that has medical coverage, financial benefits, or both. Due to COVID and the changes in working environments, companies have been opting for wellness packages. This can include financial planning and coverage for different areas of mental health therapy that a generic plan doesn’t cover. Outside of benefit plans, companies have given their workers mental health days and designed activities for workers to benefit their mental wellness such as meditation and yoga.

  1. Office Space

The days of cubicles with 8ft high walls are seeming to be a thing of the past. Many workplaces are now opting for a more open concept floor plan which in turn allows for open communication and collaboration among workers, as well as more flexibility with the office space they have.

  1. Workplace training

Over the course of the pandemic, companies found themselves spending endless amounts of time and money on finding the ‘perfect candidate’ to fit a specific position at work. Moving into 2022, companies are finding more value in investing in their current capable employees, focusing on worker training, and allowing for workers to grow in their current roles.

  1. Workplace Flexibility

According to a study by Ernst & Young, 76% of employees have found it difficult to manage all aspects of their life such as personal, family and work. With ever-evolving work environments, companies are allowing more flexibility for their workers. Flexibility can come in many different forms, but some popular ones to watch are flexible working times and the ability to work from home. Allowing employees the option to create a flexible working environment can increase both productivity and happiness for all involved.

At RehvUp, our focus is on employee happiness and wellbeing.  We believe these to be positive trends that will bring net positive impacts to productivity and boost overall employee engagement.


 Written by Jacqueline Lavergne, Digital Marketing Manager at RehvUp Technologies Inc