Hello, this is John Cardella, CEO RehvUp Technologies. I’ve spent virtually my entire career leading HR within multinational companies and working with many people from all around the world. Today, I want to share with you some fundamental truths about people and workplaces.

First of all, to compete these days, you need to have the basics in play. You know, fair wages and competitive benefits.

With that in place, you now have the foundational potential to succeed. But, unless you do more, you won’t be able to maximize the talent of your workforce. Imagine if everyone was pulling together and working as one – that’s what you’re looking for!

To get there, people need to feel happy, satisfied and engaged at work. This can only happen when the company fosters behaviours that support respect, trust, and the overall well-being of every employee.

Easier said than done? Not really. With the right HR strategy and emphasis, every organization – unionized or non-unionized – can achieve strong levels of progress and success.

Here are my 3 fundamental truths on how you go about this:

  1. Your Line Managers Are the Key – Ensure your managers have the means to support their people and show they care. When a manager takes a minute to show gratitude, it has a quantum effect and makes people strive to do even more.
  2. Employee Voice – Look, everyone longs to be heard – both by co-workers and management. Giving everyone the means to express themselves promotes trust and respect. It makes people feel like they belong and that they are indeed working in a supportive environment.
  3. Keep Your Workplace Fresh – Workplaces are like any other arrangement – they need to be nurtured and kept fresh with new perspectives that inspire and motivate. People need to feel inspired and come to believe that they can accomplish anything. Once this higher level of inspiration takes hold, your workforce will start to operate on a higher plane of effectiveness. This is when great things start to happen: higher levels of innovation, productivity, and an overall happier workforce.

RehvUp has been built to accomplish just that – to help managers reconnect with their people in a more meaningful way and give people the means to share ideas and establish stronger bonds with their co-workers. All while providing everyone with the inspiration and motivation to achieve more!